Thursday, April 15, 2010

In The Mood

I could really go for some tacos. Tacos and I have a very special and loving relationship; they continue to exist and I eat them. I tend to make my own though because some of the food establishments lightly fry the tortilla and I'm not really down with that. It would defeat the purpose of taking Lipitor which is pricey even with insurance such as $1 a pill. Yea.

So, maybe I'll head out to the carniceria, or meat market, (kar-knee-say-ree-uh spanish lesson) and buy some meat and make me some tacos on Sunday.

Daily 80s Reference: I love A Fish Called Wanda. It's hilarious and incredibly quotable. However, aside from the doggie deaths, Otto's, "Don't call me stupid" and "Asshole!" lines, Jamie Lee Curtis's amazing bod and cleavage, my favorite line and scene is when Wanda apologizes to Ken for Otto's behavior telling him, "Sorry about my brother. Dad used to beat him." and Ken replies with a quiet yet incredibly happy, "Good" makes me laugh each and every time. The satisfaction on his face does it for me.

Also, I tend to use Archie Leach as my name when commenting on topics in some communities.


Damaris said...

I'm lucky to live in California where taco trucks are every where. I'm always in the mood for some tacos.

Margie said...

Hi Damaris and welcome!

I live in Houston, Texas and have taco trucks and establishments that offer tacos as well so the city isn't suffering as a whole. Tacos rule!

By the way, I have an aunt named Damaris. :)