Friday, February 25, 2011


I have to find a new vehicle before May is over.  When the lease on the BNC's vehicle (a Toyota Tundra) ran out in August, we opted to not purchase it.  I chose to give my huge-ass Toyota Sequoia to the BNC and asked my dad if he would let me drive one of his cars for a while until I decided what I wanted.  The car he lent me is a Toyota Avalon.  It's waaaay smaller than the Sequoia and it was quite an adjustment to drive it.  And then, when I had to drive the Sequoia a few times, whoa Nelly, I learned I lost my flare for driving it as well as parking it.  For shame.  So now, my old man wants to sell his Toyota Tacoma and keep the Toyota Avalon as his primary mode of travel.  It would make more sense to keep the Tacoma since it's a pick-up and he's a mechanic but you can feel every gust of wind, every pebble when you drive it.  I used to have a Tacoma so I know.  With the Avalon you get a smooth ride, quick turns and comfort.  I don't blame him for wanting the Avalon.  Besides, his choice.  So, my car search has begun.  I used to have a 4-Runner and loved it but traded it in for the Sequoia so naturally, I wanted to get another 4-Runner.  I narrowed the search and spoke to my bank about financing it.  Then, the Old Man, bringing along his Consumer Report Book, suggested I get a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Shit.  Years ago I thought about it but wasn't too impressed with it.  I figured, "I'm not 20 and there aren't any mountains in Houston so WTF?"  But now, I've had to put it in the Maybe Column.  My search just got harder.  That's what she said. 

The 4-Runner, a beautiful and reliable car.  I love it. 

But then an FJ Cruiser shows up and now you got Brandon/Dylan problems. 

Let's throw in a Toyota Camry to symbolize the Mega Burger from the Peach Pit that I always wanted to try. 

I'm an amazing driver, TOOT, TOOT, so I know I'll rock out in any of these cars.  For example, a trailer blew a tire this morning on the freeway, right in front of me, and I kept my cool and didn't hit him.  Scared me the fuck out but I didn't contribute to morning traffic so yay.  But, I need to make a choice. 


BTW, Toyota ain't paying me shit to write this.  I just love them.  My parent's home can look like a Toyota dealership when we all gather there since my mom has a Rav-4.  B drives a Dodge Magnum though.  Go fig. 


Ali said...


But if you get one, I'll be jealous. You wouldn't like me when I'm jealous.

Margie said...

Don't tell anyone but.....I'm leaning towards it. A test drive will be the deciding factor and I'll make my decision in the next month or so.

I found a maroon, a silver and a black, which would you choose?

I will gladly let you borrow it.