Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because I Can

That's right, I totally purchased these from Williams-Sonoma.  Why?  For evil cooking.  Holla.

They're flexible spatulas, able to withstand temperatures up to 480º.  Cooking in hell?  No problem. 

Evil meeting her evil cooking utensils.  Empire omelette, anyone?

Poor Troop, trying to take an Onda photo with his Empire Family only to be photobombed by Bitty Girl. 

Ah, that's better except for that shadow.  Nice.  I'm a huge Star Wars fan and, for a while in my 20s, I was actively searching and collecting with the BNC.  We have a tiny collection that includes our childhood toys that weren't buried after they were destroyed in combat.  I'm looking forward to using these because I can.  Ooooo, I wonder if the internet can find me a Death Star cookie jar!  BRB

Found it!


Ali said...

All that's missing are Yodacakes.


Margie said...

Dude, I thought about getting them but oy, I passed because I can't see myself making them a lot. And, right now, I totally regret it. BRB, going to sob.