Friday, January 7, 2011

Cliff's Notes

Here is more info on the places on my list. 

100% Taquito 

It's a taco place and apparently it's one 100% of the time.  That means it's all the time.  C'mon, man, you can't go wrong with that.

A hibachi joint that I am very much looking forward to. 

It's a Mexican restaurant that is mostly known for their yummy tacos and you know how much I love tacos.

I'm picking up on a trend right now, are you? 

I've tried several times in the past to hit this place up but have always had a few roadblocks stop me from proceeding.  Rest assured that I will come here and enjoy the British food since rumor has it that it may close down since no one is going.  It has consistently been on the Best of Houston lists so it's a priority.

Yelp has this BBQ place listed with 5 stars (from 17 reviews) and well, we're in Texas so BBQ places have to be on The List.

You design the food and someone else cooks it for you?  Wait, what?  Ok.  It's a chain though but still, it's on.

Gorditas!  I love me a good gordita.  A gordita is just some masa shaped into a semi-thin disc, imagine a thick, slightly smaller corn tortilla, that is either fried in oil or cooked on cast iron.  Once cooked, an opening can be sliced and beans and cheese stuffed inside (my favorite filling).  Mmm...  Aparently this place makes them that doesn't involve me whining to my mom, or grandma, about making me some because theirs is ALWAYS better. 

Gourmet India

I haven't been here in a while and I miss it.  I miss the yummy Indian food with its naan and paneer and basmati rice.  Hopefully the service is still good.


I have heard many great things about Hugo's and its Mexican menu, mostly how it's incredibly traditional and worth it .  I've also heard glowing things about its brunch buffet.  This will require me wrangling up my posse of hungry Mexicans who want to do brunch like the folks over at How I Met Your Mother.

Jus' Mac

Just macaroni and cheese?  Shit, where do I sign up, son?


Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant has been closed for a while but it's on the list because it is scheduled to reopen soon and rather than wait for another fire to take it down again, and perhaps run the risk of the owners opting to not reopen, I must go and visit this Houston nightlife staple.


I had my Bachelorette Dinner here, a little over 6 years ago, and never went back.  The food wasn't bad but I just never got around to going back and really tasting and enjoying the food without holding up crotchless panties in the air for all my girls to see.  Well, 2011 is here and so is the reason for The List.

Mongolian Hot Pot

You get to assemble your own food?!  In a hot pot?!  Like soup?!  Sweet.  These guys and Genghis Grill are on to something.

Pizzitola's BBQ

Another BBQ place but I have read so many reviews, including one from a renowned Houston food critic, driven by so many times, that to not visit would be a fail of my list.

Pink's Pizza

Finally, a pizza place on The List.  This place now occupies where a Pizza Hut used to sit so it's nice to see those ovens put to use.  I grew up in this neighborhood, my old high school is just a few blocks over, so I am hoping it doesn't suck because you know how much I love pizza. 

Rainbow Lodge

Typically known for its seafood, something I am not too fond of unless it's Lent and I have to, you know, for soul saving purposes, but Rainbow Lodge is known for doing seafood very well and I'll give anything a whirl, or two.  Besides, there are other items on the menu and if it's not Lent Season, then I may sample those. 

Romano's Pizza

Oh, Romano's Flying Pizza is the right name.  You would think I would have remembered this since B worked here many, many, many moons ago.  As a matter of fact, he met his girlfriend here.  I haven't returned since he made me pick up his last paycheck for him about 10 years ago, (still waiting for my Best Sister trophy) but I will triumphantly return, without Sister Duties, and scarf it down. 

Russo's NY Pizzeria

Russo's is a pizza chain but one that does its pizza and marinara very well. It's been a while and I am eager to try them once more.


Ah, Smashburger, another one that I have neglected for far too long.  The burger still stands as the best I have ever had but I'm scared, Monkey Shines terrified, that it may have dropped as Title Holder.  A visit will help to decide if its cuisine still reigns supreme.


Many of my peeps tell me that this place has the best tacos in the city and that is saying a lot especially when it's located in a predominately Mexican neighborhood.  Sooooooo....

Taco Tote

Most Sundays, the BNC and I wake up, wipe the eye crispies from our eyes, and head out to House of Pies where they know us as Charlie 2, the BNC's real name and how many people are in our party.  Taco Tote is next door and this past Sunday, I admit, it smelled heavenly.  I have resisted visiting this place merely for spite.  About a year and a half ago, I lent my BFF my vehicle, for Mexican wedding purposes, and she lent me her mom's.  (I have a Sequoia, do the math.)  As I was pulling out of my parking spot at HOP, Mr. and Mrs. Douche started to pull out of Taco Tote.  I honked and honked because obviously they were stupid and didn't notice me and BAM, they hit my BFF's mom's car.  They were so douchey about it, waiting for HPD to show up and refusing to exchange info with us much less talk to us.  Their request went unanswered until the BNC called them himself where they immediately showed up.  (I should mention that the BNC's dad is a retired HPD veteran of 35 years. Yea.)  Anyhow, our insurances ruled in my favor so take that, Douches.  Back to Taco Tote, I know it wasn't their fault but, the smell on Sunday was enough for me to put them on The List.  It better be good.

Texas Cafeteria

Much like my beloved Barbecue Inn, I've driven by this place so many times over the years and never once walked in.  Wait no more because it's about to get stuffed in my belly.  It seems to be your basic American diner food but it must be doing something right for it to have remained in the same spot, much like the aforementioned, as it watch me grow up from afar.  Word.

Zelko Bistro

Cap'n Crunch crusted chicken?  For realsies?  Shit, it's on.  This place is new to the area and it has opened to much fanfare and good word of mouth, the best kind of advertisement.  I have dreamt of this place and that chicken, as has the old ball-n-chain, and to say that we aren't eager would make us liars. 

And that's The List.  I'm sure some will be added as the year progresses but it won't be done without want.  Many are central to where we live in Houston, with Pink's Pizza, Zelko Bistro being in The Heights, the neighborhood where both the BNC and I grew up, went to school, still have our parents living in, and hope to ultimately live out our golden years in.  Trust me when I say that no place in Houston compares to The Heights area.  It's the oldest part of the city and suddenly, one of the most expensive to move into.  But, boy, it does have delicious food, places that have withstood the test of time.  I'm looking forward to 2011 like I have never done with any other year.  It's full of such uncertainty but promise, if that makes any sense.  It's going to be a good year and I am going to sop it all up with a biscuit.  Yum. 

And, because I have it on the brain..

"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, but thy eternal summer shall not fade." Phat! Did you write that?
Duh, it's, like, a famous quote.
From where?
Cliff's Notes.


Ali said...

Cap'n Crunch crusted chicken sounds MONAY. I want to try doing this with every cereal.

I really enjoyed this post. It made me hungry. And slightly bitter at the fact that all I have is a packet of oatmeal for breakfast.

Fack that Monkey Shines monkey and his cymbals! AHHHHHHH!

Margie said...

I am giving that reduced sugar and reduced jelly a whirl. Dude, it tastes like assholes. Stay away.

I'm thinking of trying to make Froot Loop crusted pork loin. Thoughts?

Monkey Shines was on the other day and it still gave me the heebies!

Ally said...

I used to do PR for Smashburger in NJ. This blog has made me soooo hungry!

Margie said...

Oh really?! Nice, Ally. Aside from the burger, their fries were amazing as well. Please tell me that you scarfed up some freebies when you worked for them.