Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In keeping with tradition, I made a New Year's Resolution but that's as far as traditional as it gets.  Rather than make false promises, with good intentions, about hitting the gym more often, stop making up my own commentary during House Hunters, etc., I made a list of restaurants I would like to try, or just revisit, in the Houston area.  It's growing ever so slightly since its inception but I am looking forward to tackling it as soon as time permits.  January is a rough month filled with birthdays, working weekends and throwing a Chuck-E-Cheese party for Logan and Apolo (they're turning 9) but we may squeeze a new place before the month is over. 

I am incredibly excited about what 2011 may bring us.  We have so many things on the agenda, not just with yummy places to eat but things to do and futures to set. 

As for The List, I am making cards to carry in our wallets, with enough space for last minute add-ins, and will preview them as soon as time permits (again).  

May your 2011 kick some ass.


Ali said...

Life's too short to live the same day twice. That could apply to restaurants, too. I fully support your anti-resolution resolution, Margie.

More details about the bday party, please.

Margie said...

Thanks, Ali! My love affair with food has grown tremendously in the past few years and I can't wait to go all Tackleberry on The List.

The birthday party will start off with a nap on the couch, a couple of tussles with the toys, nap no. 2, treat time, food time, nap no. 3 and 4, finally Chuck E. Cheese for awkward photos and hissing, then nap nos. 5-20 at home. Invites will be forthcoming.