Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Cat?

I try to furminate the cats at least once a month.  They aren't long-hairs but they still need a good brushing.  Thank goodness they LOVE it especially the fat one in the middle, Apolo.  He will stay still and even back his stinky butt up towards me for a furminating.  And, after the grooming, a nice big ass ball of fur is left over.  It kind of looks like a Gremlin after you poured some water on poor Gizmo. 


Ali said...

There is something so satisfying about that big ass ball of fur at the end.

And when it's all over, you pet the cats and, if you're like me, will say something like, "Ooooh soft."

Margie said...

Yes and yes. I feel like I won the battle against the Fur Demon. Logan has the softest coat that it's almost bunny-like.