Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HRH Buffalo Princess, Margie

I'm preferential to lemon pepper wings but Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't have any. So, I made my own. I went to the store and purchased nothing but drumettes cause that other part, the one where you have to push the chicken meat out, is hard work. I also managed to find a lemon pepper marinade as well as a teriyaki one. Dudes, they were delish!

I'm completely anti-veggies so no celery and carrots here. Nah, I'm getting me some orzo with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Saturday, we headed out to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) to watch UFC. We got there around 7p in order to secure a booth. The fight didn't start until 9p and while at first I thought we were too early, just about 30 minutes later did we realize we made the right choice. It was packed and there was a waiting line. One of my BFFs, herein known as Chapa, and I were the ones holding the booth while we grazed on the food and waited for the BNC and B who were set to join us later.

Honey BBQ wings. Nice but still no lemon pepper. But hey, they made me a Buffalo Princess.

However, as I tried to record the coronation, this MFer just couldn't follow instructions for a camera. "Dude, hold it down."

That would be this MFer. The same MFer who likes the Magic Hat drink, has two hollow legs, one for drink and one for food. How unbecoming of a Buffalo Princess!

But I got to hang out with B and watch, shockingly, Brock Lesnar submit Shane Carwin. I have been humbled as well, Brock.

With my Prince Consort, the BNC.

I've grew up in this hood, moved away for a few years and came back and yet I cannot explain why I'm at BWW a lot except that Chapa drinks and I don't so he's using me to be the designated driver and that's ok since he picks up the tab.


Hollie said...

gotta love free food. :]

Ali said...

"Dude, hold it down." LOL!

Hilarious pic of Chapa, too. I have my own rendition of "Buffalo Soldier" in my head now.

Buffalo princess...lemon pep chicken wings...

Cute tee, Margie.

Margie said...

It used to be that no one can turn down a free meal. Several years ago, I found out that you can. Even if my company pays again, I refuse to go to that one BBQ place that gave me nightmares for days. Shudder.

I have Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry in my head.

"We always hang in the buffalo stance,
we do the dive every time we dance,
I'll give you love baby not romance,
I'll make a move nothing left to chance
So don't you get fresh with me."

The tee came from the men's section at Target some years ago cause they always have the more awesomer tees. Recently, I purchased a green tee with the logo to Callahan Auto Parts.

Ali said...

Gigolo...huh, sucka?

Margie said...


Who's looking good today?