Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cats, yo...

Whomever said that having pets is almost like having children may be on to something. I don't have children but I imagine the love, worry, frustration and pain must be along the same lines. Right?

For example, Apolo, named after Apolo Anton Ohno since him and Logan were born during the Salt Lake Olympics, is a finicky eater. He's fat but he won't eat just anything. He also likes to eat plastic thus ensuring he have a nice file at the vet's office. Logan, named after Wolverine, has only been to the vet once, to get neutered yet he is terrified of loud noises. Hurricane Rita really traumatized him not from the wind and rain (cause there wasn't any) but from the boarding up of our old house.

And then there is Bitty Girl, whom had to be bottle fed the first month she was with us. I would wake up every 4 hours to feed her and then burp her.

And now, all that hard work paid off cause she is nothing but a jumping, killing, antagonizing fool who likes to keep mom company.

What would I do without them?

ps...I am in a complete cooking funk. I hate when that happens. Off to read some food blogs and get some ideas.


Ali said...

I wish we could get all 5 of our cats together for a play date. You and I could sit, snack on buffalo wings and chat while we watch our kids tear shit up.

My biological clock virtually came to a standstill once we got our second cat. All of my maternal instincts have been spent on our fluffballs.

Margie said...

The devastation would be nothing short of spectacular and the nap afterwards would be epic. Don't forget the pizza.

I hear ya on that clock. I worry about how they would react to a child in the house. As it is, they hate toddlers.