Friday, July 2, 2010


It's been raining here for days. At this rate, I should learn how to swim. Those long bands of Hurricane Alex are reaching all the way over here. B's real name is Alex so on Monday I texted him congratulations on becoming a hurricane. Yesterday he mentioned that the only reason he reached Category 1 strength was because he was a little under the weather. I know, I know, we're odd like that.

So yea, lots of rain here but remarkably not enough flooding to bring the city to a standstill even though it rained all night and hasn't let up as of yet. In 2001, Tropical Storm Allison became stationary over the city for about 3 days dumping 35 inches of rain. Massive flooding and a complete shutdown of the city happened and ugh, what a mess. At the time, I lived at home, with my parents, whose home is located in an old part of the city but is slightly elevated than other parts of Houston. It became like an island and we escaped any damage and, thankfully, danger. We never lost power either. Friday night is when it hit and it happened to be the first night of our league bowling. By the time our bowling was over, which was midnight, we were stuck. We couldn't leave the parking lot. We spent the night in the bowling alley and while at first it was funny, around 3a is when I started to freak out. Good times. This rain though, while constant, is no where near what Allison brought about but it reminds me that I need to build up my stock at home and kiss my big Sequoia cause she would have totally gotten us out of that parking lot.

Anyhow, the raining sucks and it makes for a very lazy feeling Friday. So, rather than really bust my rump like yesterday, even though I totally busted some this morning, I've been clicking away at links online.

For example, I made a WANT list.
Check it out:

I am far from done with this list.

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