Friday, December 3, 2010

Take That

Papas con huevo y frijoles con chorizo.  Even a simple meal can take a while to make.  The beans, for example, were frozen but they came from a big batch of slow cooked beans on a Sunday solely so I could reheat, mix with chorizo and eat before Thanksgiving because hells no am I hitting up the grocery store with the cray-cray people who finally got around to buying a turkey and all the extras.  I wonder if it's the same Black Friday shoppers who camp outside of Best Buy.  Speaking of, yea, I did it.  I hit up Target at 4a, got my punk ass God children their scooters and then I went home and was a hermit for the rest of the day. 


Ali said...

You brave soul. I did the Black Friday thing once and felt like a crackhead (due to lack of sleep) until I eventally passed out at noon.

Margie said...

I did it last year as well but I was visiting family in Tiny Town, Texas where we did the old in-and-out. This year, I was back in bed before 5a. The BNC didn't even know I hit up Target. BRB, applying to Ninja School.