Friday, December 10, 2010

The Results Show, Part 2

Last Friday I had an appointment with my endocrinologist, endo for short, to get the results from my blood work, which was drawn towards the end of October.  (Side note:  I have visits with my endo typically every 4 months, or whenever he deems it necessary to drag me out there to talk to me about stuffs.  Usually, I don't get the results from my blood, which is scheduled to get taken after my visit, until my next 4-month follow-up.  And, unless something major shows up, which they would call me about, then I hear nothing until said follow-up.  It's sounds odd but it's been working for me and my endo for years now so no biggie.)

After the typical LONG ASS wait at the endo's, I get seen.  As I mentioned, I've known my endo for years and we've been doing this dance for a while.  However, before my official diagnosis, it was merely a yearly visit.  At this point, we should be exchanging Christmas cards and gifts.  I'm sure he'd give me a new meter or some strips.  Humfph.  Anyhow, the big reveal came and hooray if he didn't say I was doing fabulous.  My A1c is 6.4, a great number to be at, and my cholesterol is down.   It's so good that apparently my shit is better than my endo's.  What, what?!  The one thing that I have to work on, other than lose a couple of more pounds, is work on getting my good cholesterol up.  How the, what the?  I've been told adding fish to my diet would help but I'm not a big fan of it so good luck to me. 

After the awesome doctor visit, one in which I totally high fived my endo, I made plans to hit the grocery store and celebrate with a few scoops of diet ice cream.  Lo and behold, JC (one who has twarted many of my plans to cheat and eat this summer) and, just maybe the doctor, had other plans for me.

No ice cream.  Nothing.  What the rocky road?  I get it though.  So, well played, JC, very well played. 

But, then I called B and had an early dinner with him.  Apparently he had an appointment with his oncologist and he's rocking it too.  So, we celebrated on mediocre cheeseburgers at Porch Swing and made fun of the fact that only people with diseases were invited to our little celebration dinner.  It's been a week and I am still high on the news.  Actually, more for B since his blood work came back with the CML barely making a blip on the tests.  Most excellent news.  See you in April, Mr. Endo. 

EDIT:  My brother has appointments with his doctor every other month and while his CML is barely showing up on his tests, it's still present and will remain so until...well, we'll figure it out when we get there.  He also has to do a yearly bone marrow biopsy.  So, there you go.  Let's cue NBC's The More You Know music and graphics.  ;)


Ali said...

YES! I was leaning forward on my desk, my face about 5 inches away from the monitor, reading your post and wondering in which direction the post was going. And it went up! Like the Wonkavator! With you and B in it! Bitch smashed through the glass ceiling with purpose!

Such an awesome post. And on a Friday, too. So happy for both yous guys.

Margie said...

Thanks, Ali! My brother's car is now dubbed the Disease Mobile whenever we're together in it. ;)

Dude, I should dress up as an Oompa Loompa next year. I have the stature for it!