Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cause I Can

I truly love the cats.  They're my babies.  Many people will say that it's not the same as having children but others say it is.  I have no children so I can't compare.  I just know that my pets rely on me to feed them, clean up the box for them and, most importantly, get them their much deserved treats.  That's like having a child, right?

No?  Then getting them a stocking solidifies it, eh?

I knew it. 


Ali said...

One big stocking for the kids! I wish I had thought of that. Our cats each have a small little stocking that barely holds a dime bag of nip much less something cool, like a new bowtie that we make them wear for the parents' enjoyment.

Margie said...

I used to have one for each cat but the Christmas after Boochie died, I found his after unpacking my stuff. It hurt so bad that I couldn't bear to put it. It was then I ordered one for the remaining kiddos. Besides, their gifts are interchangeable with one another.

Your dimebag comment made me LOL real hard. I wish my cats would let me dress them up.