Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Sensation

The day before Thanksgiving, I was having visions of childhood cartoons.  Suddenly, the above image popped into my head.  It was a fuzzy image but the basic colors were there yet I couldn't remember the name of the character.  All I knew, other than the colors and general appearance, was that the name of the character was also the name of the show.  I asked the BNC who is awesome at remembering stuff like this but he was at a loss.  B couldn't remember either.   Some days passed when I finally got around to asking Chapa.  Without skipping a beat, he told me; Freakazoid.  It was then that I started a little trip down memory lane (fine, I do it a lot) starting with cartoons to TV shows to music.

For example, I LOVED the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon.  As a matter of fact, I think they would make excellent Halloween costumes.  I choose Dungeon Master.  I never played the RPG version of Dungeons & Dragons though I'll admit it, I always wanted to learn.  I did play Pokemon and Heroclix with my nerd friends and was really good at it.  Just saying.

Then, Monday, my last day in a 5-day weekend, I visited my favorite music store and found old, used CDs I've been trying to get for years.  They included Oasis, Pearl Jam and some Madonna compilations but it was the INXS greatest hits CD that got me.  Michael Hutchence was awesome.  His charisma, his talent, his voice, everything, is something that doesn't come around too often.  I miss his music terribly and his passing was upsetting. 

Lead singers with IT are rare.  Freddie Mercury had it better than anyone.  His Live Aid performance of Radio Ga Ga, with such command of the the audience as they clapped in unison, still takes my breath away.  His death brought me to tears.  Michael Hutchence had it, of course, and it's a damn shame what happened.  Much like what happened to Tupac.

After Thanksgiving, while the BNC and B napped together, I stumbled upon Tupac: Resurrection and was captivated.  Tupac has always rocked but to know so much more by listening to him tell his story, watch the footage of his interviews, etc. was a treat.  And, just like that, I miss the 90s a great deal.  I miss the music my generation grew up with.  I miss it more since many of the artists that still move me are gone. 

And now I'm feeling old. 


Ali said...

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart


INXS was the shiiiit.

Margie said...

So sliiiiiiide over here, and give me a moment. Your moves are so raw, I got to let you know. I got to let you know.

There is a part in New Sensation, a pause and then MH takes a breath that gets me EVERY TIME.