Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Couple of New Loves

Possible spoilers ahead...

The Walking Dead

I enjoy a good zombie movie.  Dawn of the Dead is awesome, Night of the Living Dead is perfect and Return of the Living Dead just terrified me.  (I was a teenager and I TOTALLY fell for the Based on a True Story disclaimer.)  Shaun of the Dead is in a class of its own and it's an Honors class.  Anyhow, The Walking Dead is....different.  Sure, zombies are walking around trying to eat you but it's more about the human aspects of not only the non-zombies but the zombies as well.  For example, Sunday's episode, which I watched last night cause I'm old, really put that thought out there that the zombies were once people.  They had lives, stories to tell, just like you, and now they don't have that.  It affected me much more than the gory scene that had me dry heaving.  However, that scene, immediately following the oh, the zombie has/had a partner moment, gently reminded me that the show is about zombies so tread lightly.  If a Zombie Apocalypse is on your list of greatest fears and/or you have had the In Case Zombies Show Up Plan talk with your significant other, it's perfect for you and your partner.  In a nutshell, I love this show.  Watch it while there is zombie weather outside for extra oomfph.  Trust.


This site rocks.  If the Woot t-shirt of the day isn't doing it for you, head over here.  I purchased this shirt last week.  I am officially a t-shirt addict.  My apologies. 

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