Friday, November 5, 2010


Every summer, the day after school was over, we'd get shipped out to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to be with our Grandma and eventually have our cousins from Guadalajara, as well as our Houston cousins, meet us there. We wouldn't return until the weekend before school was set to start and every year we'd hate the dash to get our supplies. Parents, I tell ya. Good times nevertheless. It was a time before school gave you assignments to do during the summer, before the internet, before people were scared to let their kids play outside unsupervised, a time when you were allowed to walk alone to the store a few blocks away and certainly before anyone was allowed to roam without caution in Nuevo Laredo. But, my last remaining grandparent is very much alive and doing very well. Everyone can always count on her especially when it comes to food. To this day, you are guaranteed a breakfast of papas con huevos, frijoles and tortillas de harina. The breakfast menu has never changed.

So last night, I decided to make Grandma's old reliable breakfast. And, true to form it didn't disappoint though, as usual, Grandma's is better. I used my remaining batch of frozen beans to top off my papas because it's the way Grandma does it only hers are always freshly made.

And a just because photo of Bitty Girl going through my Hello Kitty tote bag. I got that for $1 at Target and, let me say, I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty. But it was $1!


Ali said...

We are so lucky we were able to experience "kid freedom" before things got all paranoid and scary. Riding my bike to 7-11 and loading up on Jolly Rancher bars is one of my fondest memories.

I haven't done breakfast for dinner in such a long time. That looks SO good. Cute tablecoth, too.

(Hello Bitty!)

Margie said...

B and I walked home alone, maybe some 14 blocks, from elementary school together. My how the times have changed.

Mmmm, Jolly Ranchers.