Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Other White Meat

I've been experimenting with recipes lately.  I've been making a lot of mashed potatoes, doing some test runs, because originally I was going to have Thanksgiving at  my BFF's house and was put in charge of the potatoes.  Cooking for people other than your family is tricky because they aren't used to your cooking which explains my starch overload recently.  I finally got the recipe down and just like that, I am now cooking Thanksgiving at my house for my family and some friends.  I was trying to avoid it again this year but how I can turn down B?  Developing my own recipe for pork tenderloin was also a lot of testing.  My old recipe involved garlic inside the tenderloin then slathered in olive oil, salt and pepper.  However, my new and much more delicious recipe involves a little olive oil, salt, pepper and soy sauce.  Just cover the pork tenderloin well in those simple ingredients, roast in the oven at 400º for about 20-30 mintues and bam, yummy pork. 

In other Thanksgiving news, it's warm and sticky here in Houston, not a complete shocker, but I was hoping to finally be wearing (sweat)pants to Thanksgiving dinner but, shorts it is...until that evening when a cold front will pass through and drop those temperatures quick.  Stay classy, Houston. 

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