Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Singing to Nelson!

I got wind this morning of the passing of Dorothy Kamenshek, the woman that inspired the character of Dottie Hinson in the movie A League of Their Own. That movie can be on TV, having either just started or close to ending, and I will sit and watch it and cry whenever Jimmy Dugan gives Betty Spaghetti the Western Union telegram that her husband was killed in combat. Each and every time.
I will also laugh whenever they reference Marla Hooch....Hooch. I adore her getting drunk at the Suds Bucket and "singing to Nelson."
RIP Dorothy.
My camera must have heard that it may be on the way out so it started to not throw a hissy fit. Yea!

Behold! Randomness!

Co-Catheral of the Sacred Heart

My BIL was confirmed into the church this past Sunday and it was our first visit to the new Co-Cathedral for the Houston-Galveston Archdiocese. It's gorgeous inside but I love how awesome albeit hot the weather was on Sunday.

Can you believe that McDonald's is the only one that makes something sugar-free?

Double Starch!
Clearly I have been on a meat bender lately even I haven't posted the other items I make, or eat. If Mr. Fuji acts right then I will. In the meantime, I found a sauce, called Texas Bodacious, that I was talked into buying simply because the grocery store, one of my favorite of the local chain as well as employer for the BNC, has cooking demos every day. Saturday, the day in which I went, gave us a sample of their grilled steak with the sauce and YUM. Sold. And who doesn't like corn on the cob? It's it just me or is it a Mexican thing to slather some mayo (light) with grated parmesan? Sometimes I miss Mexico because this staple is readily available year-round and easy to find. The BNC had asparagus on his plate along with the top image.

"HAHA! Got him!!"


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