Monday, March 29, 2010


I did:
  • Watch both of the BNC's shows
  • Get to see this week's Lost episode
  • Finish Season 3, disc 4 of Dexter-now to wait for Season 4 to come out on DVD
  • Got my USB cord

I didn't:

  • Get to watch Back to the Future cause, can you belive it, it wasn't anywhere on TV this weekend?!
  • Have breakfast with B-hopefully on Friday since we always go out to eat for Good Friday cause we're good Catholics like that-so to speak
  • Re-watch Community
  • Re-watch Project Runway
  • Central Market-however, we did hit up the HEB on Bunker Hill so it's almost the same but not
  • Hot Tub Time Machine-4-day weekend coming up so definitely by then

All in all, nice one. Now, to resume taking photos, especially of Itty-Bitty since she will turn 1 soon and no longer a kitten. I do need to find some good cat food for her. She is getting a little belly and I don't want her to be a huge fat cat like Logan and Apolo. Need help. I'm trying to find some food without too many by-products. Ugh, dilemmas!


Ali said...

Aww. Post a pic of Itty-Bitty when you end up snapping a few. Your cat and my younger cat can be internet pals.

I consider myself a sufficiently cultured 80's child but I've never seen Back to the Future in its entirety. So wrong.

Margie said...

OMG, I can't believe I just got this comment.

I think you might enjoy Back to the Future. Give it a whirl. As for Bitty, I posted a pic of her a few posts up ahead.