Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What, What!

I neither lost or gained weight since September. It would have been better had I lost weight but I didn't really do much. Well, I did and then didn't. No change in my meds and I don't have to go back until September. However, in September is when I have to do my tests and I have a feeling that I may have to do the CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) test which I hate. It's bothersome and it just plains makes me sad. (The CGM is a little pod with a needle sticking out that gets inserted under my skin and takes my blood glucose, and records it, every 5 minutes. I have to have it for 3 days and it takes place over the weekend. It blows.)

Anyhow, after a record time of 1 1/2 hours at the endo, I went home, and started dinner. I was starving since I skipped lunch. Baked chicken with roasted new potatoes.

ps....I think I have the wrong USB cord. It looks no where like my old one and the pics aren't uploading properly on my Finepix porgram. So, I can't edit the pics. Take, for instance, this one of my little Bitty Girl. Too dark even if she is a black cat. Here she is playing her guitar just like the BNC.


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