Monday, April 11, 2011

Top of the Muffin to You!

I'm a huge Seinfeld fan.  Huge.  Insane.  Not only do I possess the box set, with the accompanying coffee table book detailing every episode, but I also own the Scene-It Seinfeld game.  I know.  There are so many good episodes that whenever I try to name my Top 10 I end up leaving out several other good ones.  I should just rank each episode, all 9 years of it. 

Some great ideas have come out of Seinfeld such as the bro, the yada-yada, the urban sombrero and the muffin top (not the too tight pants which makes meat cones).  The top of the muffin is the best and Elaine knows, we know it and now, Mr. Lippman knows it. 

Mr. Lippman steals Elaine's idea and opens up a shop, Top of the Muffin to You! which starts out not doing too well.  See, Mr. Lippman was only baking the tops and not the entire muffin.  As Elaine rightfully explains, the entire muffin has to be baked in order for the top to be yums.  There has to have been a stump.  That sentiment is what had me weary when I found these while out on an excursion. 

I need snacks, good snacks, to fend off the low sugar hunger monster and, while these looked a little promising, they were just okay.  As with most sugar-free items, the muffin tops were a little dry, then again, the stumps weren't formerly attached so that may have been the reason.  The overall taste was subtle despite being chocolate flavor which I actually enjoy.  Then again, I am the person who LOVES the dark chocolate miniatures out of the bag.  Despite all that though, the Vitatops were full of healthy stuffs and it's what I need right now.  Turns out, while my A1C has held steady at 6.4, my vitamin D has taken a nose dive.  So, let's add another pill to my Walgreens profile. 

FYI, if you intend on trying the Vitatops, be warned that it contains 9g of fiber.  We all know what fiber does, right?


Ali said...

Yes! So glad you reviewed these. I've eyed them on many a grocery store trip but couldn't get past the name and fake infomercial packaging. I might give them a go - I could use some of those healthy stuffs, too.

Hopefully the Vita peeps will take Elaine's advice and add a stump (which will be removed prior to packaging.)

Margie said...

Let me know what you think if you do. :)