Thursday, April 28, 2011

If the boat is a-rockin'

Since I was a kid, I have always had issues with motion sickness.  As time passed, my sensitivity to it got worse.  I can't read 2 words in the car without wishing for a swift death.  If I'm a passenger in the car, oy, so much worse.  I watch a movie shot with a shaky camera, nauseaville.  (I'm looking at you, Cloverfield!)  Whenever I travel via car, I take Dramamine.  However, as some of my meds have changed, my desire to ease up on taking unnecessary pills has gotten greater.  For example, my insomnia has eased up tremendously and I have ceased taking Lunesta.  I rarely get headaches but, if I do  find myself getting ill, or nauseous, etc. I go for some ginger ale.  The motion sickness is something I couldn't get around though.  I had to take Dramamine.  With an upcoming trip, I did my usual of stocking up on it until, right next to the Dramamine, I discovered this: 

These are called Sea Bands and they are designed to apply pressure to your wrist to help ease up on the motion and sea sickness as well as the nausea.  With my mini-trip upstate this past weekend to hang out with my punk ass Godchildren, I had the opportunity to test them out.  I found myself able to read things such as texts, CD covers, receipts, labels, etc.  I never once felt like my head was about to explode.  It was remarkable. 

If you're like me and are extremely sensitive to motion sickness, I highly recommend these.  As a bonus, you may feel like a superhero.  I, for one, felt like Wonder Woman. 


Ali said...

I really feel for people who get car sick because they have limited time-killing options.

My 2nd job in HS was at this store called Safety Zone. We sold mace, baby safety gadgets, fire escape ladders, those Coke cans with the twist-off tops to hide money and cigarettes in and Sea Bands, to name a few too many. I always wondered if they worked so it's awesome to hear that you had success with them!

Bravo for going the "natural" route as of late.

Margie said...

What was your first job?

I wish I had seen these Sea Bands before but I never did. I can totally see myself reading a book now while stuck in a car for a few hours. Yay!