Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flashback Friday (Thursday)

One day, my phantom children will look at these pictures and giggle about how old they look.  They'll notice the wood paneling, the orange couch, the fluffy carpeting but not before they notice that I was wearing socks with sandals before Kevin Federline did it. 

They'll notice that I sucked my thumb and I will tell the story of how old I was when my mom traumatized me into getting off the pacifier for good.  (It involved a roach.)

But it's the clothes that we'll talk about more than anything else.  My cute little dress, despite my underwear showing, even if it matched my dress and my cute, pink long sleeved tee with my brown plaid pants. 

The 70's were a grand time (for the 3 years and some months in which I was alive).  I was 3 years old in these photos and I remember most of the moments as they were captured on film.


Ali said...

Old skool parents would go to great ( them) lengths to get their children to quit a paci/thumbsucking habit. Mine involved tabasco sauce.


Margie said...

Here's the story:

She tried hot sauce, mud, other gross conditments to get me off the pacifier, my beloved first BFF. I was about 4 years old. Every time she did that, I would pull up a chair to the sink, rinse it and pop it back in my mouth. Finally, she found a roach, took my paci and smashed it into the roach. With some of the roach carcass still attached, she attempted to give it back to me. Dude, I never touched it again. Well played, mom.