Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damn Kids

Mom!  Brother is all up in my sun spot and I was here first!

After weeks and weeks of being a complete shithead, Apolo finally allowed me to come home and now have shit on the floor.  Maybe our failed attempt at taking Apolo to the vet where he whined and whined so much so that my BFF, with whom I was on the phone with, thought I was whipping a baby, gave him the scare he needed to STOP SHITTING OUTSIDE THE LITTER BOX.  Maybe it was the fact that the vet's office was so packed, with people and pets still waiting to be seen after 3 hours, I decided to give up and come home.  The secret is out on the vet and everyone is going there.  Great.  Then, just like that, the asshole cat stopped.  I still wanted to beat him. 

He's still a good cat but geez, he's incredibly picky, a bit of a bully and the sole butt scooter.  Logan, on the right hand side, is very sweet and would love nothing more than to cuddle with you and, if you let him, nibble from your plate but, not unless you give him the go-ahead.   I didn't raise no ill-mannered cat.  In other words, for the most part, the damn kids are ok because, if my biggest problem is dealing with a shitting cat then I will gladly take it.

Oh, and dealing with Bitty Girl and her killing ways.  Yea, I'll take it.


Ali said...

How can I get my cats to cuddle like that?! Does Bitty Girl get in on that too or she more independent?

Glad the shitstorm subsided.

Margie said...

She is more independent but, every so often, she will lay down with them and sleep. Then off she goes to sleep on top of the table. Weird cat.

As for the cuddling, I have no clue. I'm certain that if one passes, the other will follow.