Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello 5 Month Old

My son has been doing marvelously.  He's 5 months old now and, at the risk of being hated and envied, he is one easy and happy baby.  I have no idea what I did in my life to be rewarded with such a marvelous child but I'll be sure to do it again next time.  I just hope I can remember everything.

Seriously.  I've stopped asking and started accepting that yes, I got this awesome kid who thinks I'm the funniest person alive.  I put on one of his little hats and sing, "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from Tommy Boy and I get the loudest, breath stealing giggles from my now favorite person.
Noah, you are awesome.  I love you.  If you're reading this and it's well past 2013, just remember that I always have and always will.


C Los said...

He is Awesome! I can't wait to start dressing him up for the Cons.

Margie said...

Me too. He rocks.