Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feliz Dia de las Madres

In Mexico, May 10 is always Mother's Day.  Always.  You can't forget it.  I have yet to speak to my Ama (my grandma) but maybe she is still asleep since she likes to party hard and didn't answer the phone when I tried contacting her at 6a today.  Or, maybe she knows it was me and is letting me sweat because I called so early. 

Anyhow, I took my mom out to lunch today and, since my Old Man tends to be off on Tuesdays, he was more than happy to join in.  May as well since he filled the role of mom when she was off making some paper.

The role of Favorite Daughter is stressful and requires much time but the reward is immeasurable. 


Ali said...

Ha! Your grandma took one look at the clock and probably thought, "Goodness woman..." That was sweet of you to call. Impromptu family lunch date sounds so nice. Such a good granddaughter/daughter.

Margie said...

I do what I can. ;)

I asked my mom that the family should get me a Happy Admin Day card or something since I'm their official secretary. So far, I just keep getting requests.